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Replacement Windows and Other Energy-Saving Services

Save energy and money with replacement windows, air sealing services, and insulation services from our company based in Franklin, Kentucky. Carrier Construction offers energy-saving services through home improvements for the Kentucky and middle Tennessee areas. E-mail us to schedule an appointment for home energy inspection.

Replacement Windows
Give your home an upgraded look with our replacement windows. When your windows cannot be repaired, we come in and install energy-efficient replacement windows. Replacement windows are easier to operate and offer you savings on your utility bills. We have a variety of different styles and colors available for your personal style.

Air Sealing Services
Air sealing makes your home's perimeter airtight to avoid losing heat and keep air from seeping into your home. We use foam and insulation to seal all cracks below the living space and in the attic of your home. Air sealing repairs last forever!

Your return on your investment will begin immediately.

Home Insulation
We use spray foam insulation, this type insulation creates both an air and moisture barrier. Spray foam is ready to start working within 30 minutes after installation. Call today to bring your older home up to today's insulation standards. We can  try to bring your home up to 2011 ENERGY STAR standards!

Window Installation, Replacement Windows in Franklin, KY

Contact our company for energy-saving services and inspections for your home.


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