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Find air leakages and other ways you are wasting energy with home energy inspections from Carrier Construction in Franklin, Kentucky. Home energy audits are performed using a blower door and duct blaster with the aid of infrared technology to identify sources of excessive energy consumption in the home. We also test your HVAC duct system performance. Call us to set up your energy audit today!

Thermal Imaging
We use Thermography (infrared scanning) to detect thermal defects and air leakage within building envelopes. Thermography measures surface temperatures by using an infrared camera. Images taken by the camera record the temperature variations of the building's skin, ranging from white for warm regions to black for cooler areas, depending on the color palette the operator chooses.

The resulting images help us determine whether insulation is needed or where the heat is escaping. They also serve as a quality control tool to ensure that insulation has been installed correctly. A thermographic inspection is either an interior or exterior survey. The auditor decides which method would give the best results under certain weather conditions.

Thermal Imaging, Energy Inspections in Franklin, KY

Blower Door Testing
Professional energy auditors use blower door tests to help determine a home's airtightness. The blower door helps exaggerate air leaking through defects in the building shell. Such air leaks appear as black streaks in the infrared camera's viewfinder. These are some reasons for establishing the proper building tightness:

• Reducing Energy Consumption Due to Air Leakage
• Avoiding Moisture Condensation Problems
• Avoiding Uncomfortable Drafts
• Controlling the Home's Indoor Air Quality

Blower, Energy Inspections in Franklin, KY

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